Kota Kinabalu: On water supply, Masidi said he has been talking to Sabah Works Minister Datuk Ir Shahelmey Yahya on the privatisation of the Sabah Water Department (SWD).  

He said there are pros and cons to it but the Government would have to first settle issues like the transfer of SWD officers and subsequent enactments and laws for water services.

Sabah Works Minister Datuk Ir Shahelmey Yahya

“It is an option we are looking into,” he said, after officiating the State’s Accountability Index System ceremony at Sutera Harbour to facilitate financial audits and internal control of agencies.

He urged civil servants to be like ah longs (loan sharks) who are demanding when it comes to outstanding sales taxes.

“Some (agencies) let companies slide for years while others have not even sent a single payment letter. 

“We should be more proactive. It’s the people’s money after all and it should be paid in full.

“Civil servants have the mind-set that do or do not, they will still get paid by the end of the month compared to the private sectors who are at a constant gamble.

“We recently collected RM20 million in sales tax revenue and that’s barely scratching the surface. 

“The good thing is these companies are paying now.  

“We should all just do our assigned jobs and state the repercussions of not paying or else Sabah will keep losing out,” he said.


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