TENOM: Assistant Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Isnin Aliasnih wants the Local Authority to levy land taxes on all of the State’s giant plantation owners.

He urged major plantation owners to pay their land taxes to the Local Authority through the District Council.

Large plantation owners, he claimed, had not paid land taxes despite making huge profits.

“The time has come for us to request that major plantation operators pay land tax to the Local Authority to increase the District Council’s revenue,” he said after officiating the 2023 – 2025 Tenom Supreme Council Members Oath-taking ceremony and presentation of appointment letters, here, on Monday. 

The Klias Assemblyman said Tenom is one of many District Councils in the State that rely on tax collection for revenue and that the district’s growth will be unstable if the revenue generated is not encouraging.

“I’m confident the district will have more revenue and stronger economic growth if land tax is paid.Isnin also urged all local authorities in the State to take the necessary action to address the issue of stray animals that may endanger the public.

He said he had given the Local Authority the go-ahead to remove stray animals, particularly stray dogs, from the town area. 

Referring to the event in Pitas, he said, “If the presence of their (stray dogs) causes problems for the people, then it is best to remove them.” 

Additionally, he urged owners of livestock to exercise caution and confine their cows and buffaloes. 

“It’s advisable to turn them over to the Local Authority or simply sell them (animals) if they are not interested in caring for their livestock. 

He advised livestock owners to assist the local authorities by taking the necessary steps to stop their animals from straying into the town area.

 He claimed that stray livestock can lead to accidents in addition to tainting the environment’s natural attractiveness.

Earlier in his speech, he urged members of the District Council to work with the Local Authority to boost the District Council’s revenue and development objectives.

Meanwhile, 18 members of the District Council took their oath before Tenom District Officer Maz Syazwan Masood witnessed by Isnin and Tenom District Council Executive Officer Mohd Saidi Mohd Ibrahim. 

Marutin Ansiung

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